Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament ~ A Tutorial

Every Christmas since my kiddos were born I have bought them an ornament with their name and the year.  The first few years after they were both born I bought them nice, expensive ornaments from Lenox.  While beautiful, there are a couple of problems with them:

1. They are breakable (so the kids can't touch).
2. They end up being about $50.00 after shipping (Ugh.)
3. They are store bought and leave me cold...

So, a few years ago I decided we needed something more we started buying our Christmas ornaments from various Etsy shops, they have always been ADORABLE and feel much more personal, but are not always inexpensive (and I am pretty cheap).

So this year I decided to make ours!  They were super simple to make, the kids love them and they can actually touch them without me worrying about them getting broken!  They also cost about $1.00 each to make and I used up some of my scraps (although I have enough scraps to make about 3 million more).

I started with a 3 inch embroidery hoop from my local Hobby Lobby (only .69 cents) and a scrap piece of Kona in gray.  I wrote her name and the year with a pencil and embroidered it with a split stitch.

Then I trimmed it to about 3/4 inches above the embroidery and 3/4 inches below.  Next I dug through my scraps (which took me about an hour to decide which ones to use, ha!) and put a strip at the top and one at the bottom using 1/4 inch inseam.
Next I flipped it over and put a thin line of good old Elmer's glue around the back of the hoop.  (Be sure to ignore the sloppy back of my embroidery). 
Then press the fabric inward so all of the edges are glued down.  Place something about that same size inside of the hoop to hold the sides down.
Once it is dry, carefully trim the excess fabric from the back of the hoop.
Next grab a couple of 1/4 inch thick ribbons in adorable Christmas colors and loop them through the top, tie a knot, now trim your ribbons so they look presentable.
And there you have it!  Make sure to make another one for your son so he feels special too!  :)

Let me know if you have any questions!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Quilt for Eva

I finally finished it!  I have been working on this quilt for way too long...but with the kids out of school for the Summer there just doesn't seem to be much time for sewing!  This quilt is for my oldest niece.  Her name is Eva Cherie (after her favorite aunt) and she turned 6 in June, this was supposed to be her birthday present (but it is just a tad late).  :)  I just love the yellow binding!  I think Eva will too!

This quilt is very long and narrow, my Sister asked for it to be a specific size to cover Eva's new bed.  My niece shares a room with her 3 year old little sister, Claire.  Below is the quilt that I made for her a few months back...

My Sister, Christie, is a HUGE Aneela Hoey fan (who isn't??) so both of the quilts for her girls are made with a mixture of Sherbet Pips, Little Apples and A Walk in the Woods.  These beautiful prints look perfect framed with Kona Solids!

Now that her quilt is FINALLY finished I can start cutting my fabric for the Vintage Holiday Quilt Along!  I am just itching to make more of those adorable ornament blocks!

Have a great week!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vintage Holiday Quilt Along

As promised I wanted to tell you about the newest quilt along I joined!  It is the Vintage Holiday Quilt Along hosted by Heidi at Fabric Mutt, and oh, it gonna be fun!  The pattern is by Camille Roskelley from Thimble Blossoms and is called Vintage Holiday and it is GORGEOUS!!!  I already bought the pattern as Camille was offering a great discount on it (see her blog for details)!

The Quilt Along is supposed to start August 6th.  But I may have cheated a bit and already made 1 or 2 of the blocks.  :)  The pattern is, of course, wonderful and easy to follow...Camille's patterns always are!  And the blocks are so much fun to make!  Here are the two blocks I made:

I love that they are Christmas tree ornaments!  Too stinkin' cute!  Heidi at Fabric Mutt also started a Flickr group for the quilt along so you can see how everyone else's quilts are coming together!  And did I mention there was going to be prizes too?!  Wouldn't you love to join in and make your own?!  I can't wait to share more of these blocks with you!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Coolest Nursery EVER!

Today I wanted to share with you an oh, so fun project that I was lucky enough to work on!  If you love fabric then you certainly have heard of Kelle Boyd of Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman!  She is the genius behind Urban Zoologie, Metro Market and my personal favorite Remix!  I can't get enough of those adorable prints and bright colors!  And they look AMAZING in this nursery!
photo by Angela Crutcher
A few months ago Kelle e-mailed me and told me about a project she was working on.  It was going to be a shared nursery for a friend of hers who has a 9 year old daughter, Gaby,  and a soon to be adopted baby!!  Kelle asked if she could send me some of her amazing fabric and I could make a tent cover for her!  Free fabric from Kelle Boyd??!  Umm....yes!  Of course I graciously accepted and started working on colors and design.  The tutorial she used for the tent cover was the DIY A- Frame Tent from Cakies.  Such a great tutorial!  It has all of the measurements to build the frame and has the exact measurements for the tent cover.  After a few shared e-mails back and forth with Kelle we decided a simple patchwork pattern would look best, and I think it turned out awesome!

photo by Angela Crutcher
This whole room is just fantastic!  She did such a great job!  You can pop into Kelle's blog to see the rest of this awesome nursery!

I will be back soon to tell you about a new Quilt Along that I joined!  Can't wait to share it with you!  Here is a sneak peek of the fabrics I pulled for my quilt!
Be back soon with the details!  Hope you're having a great week!  


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pillow Pockets for Preschool Fundraiser

Every May my sons preschool has their annual silent auction/fundraiser.  Typically anyone who owns a business donates something and any of the Moms that sew/craft/crochet donate something handmade.  It is so much fun to see all of the handmade items donated!  All of the money raised goes directly to the preschool to help offset tuition costs for the following school year and for new toys and teaching supplies.

I wasn't sure what to make...I wanted it to be something that wasn't too time consuming (as I waited till the last minute) and I wanted it to be something that the parents would actually buy (because if no one bid on my stuff I was going to cry. Ha!).  And then I remembered this adorable pattern by Nova at A Cuppa and a Catch Up.  I made the above two pillows for my kiddos a few weeks earlier and they LOVED them!  They thought it was so cool to have their own pocket pillow to put their stuff in!
So I took the evening and made two pillow covers for the auction.  I made these ones a little different than the pattern.  I just did a plain envelope back closure and didn't do a binding (in the interest of saving time), and they still turned out great!  I made one for a boy and one for a girl.  Then I went shopping with the kiddos and asked them to pick a few toys to stuff them with.  We ended up with a flashlight that glows pink or red, a level two preschool reading book and a stuffed animal to cuddle at bedtime.  Everyone loved them!  They were both purchased by one of the other Moms that has a little boy and a little girl.  The two pillows together raised over $130.00 for the preschool!  I am planning on making them for the auction again this year!

Have a great week!
Cherie  :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So much fabric, so little time.

The last few weeks before school lets out for summer break are always so busy.  End of school picnics, pictures, fundraisers and parties.  I always tell myself once the kids are out of school I will have more time to sew….it always seems to slip my mind that once school is out, school is ACTUALLY out.  And the kids are home allllll day, everyday.  I love having more time to spend with them, but getting sewing done while they are home can be really difficult!  I usually end up with two little cuties in my sewing room pulling my straight pins out of the pincushion and pushing them back in (over and over and over).  It is a little distracting when you are just waiting for one of them (or both) to get a poke.  I usually (accidently) let a heavy sigh slip out and shut my machine off….WAAAHHH!  But can you imagine a cuter distraction than this??

Or how about this?

Darling, right?!   The little boy up there is my son, Cohen.  He turned 5 in March and is starting kindergarten this fall!  He is very excited!  The little girl is my daughter, Mara.  She turned 3 last week and starts preschool this fall, too.  You heard that right….come September I will have a whole 6 hours a week totally by myself!  6 hours!!  l have 6 hours a week, by myself, to quilt!  Wahoo!
In the mean time I wanted to share a project with you I finished last Christmas.  This is ‘The Hood’ Christmas Tree Skirt, the pattern was written by Brioni Greenberg.  I found her wonderful pattern in the 2010 Fat Quarterly Holiday Edition.

It was a great pattern, super easy to follow and lots of pictures.  I made the tree skirt to match my Christmas stockings and they look great together!  I am so excited to get them out again this Christmas, but I am more excited for back to school in September!  :)  Hope you are enjoying your summer too!

Christmas in July and the poor Colorado Mountains….

It has been hot this summer…and I mean HOT!  It has been over 100 degrees everyday for the last few weeks.  And to make matters worse, our whole state is on fire.  Wildfires have run rampant in these hot, dry conditions.
So far the fires have consumed over 160,000 acres with over 300 homes and over 30,000 people evacuated.  It has all of us Coloradoans begging for rain…if not snow.
So how about something a little Christmas-y to get us cooled off?  I finished these patchwork stockings just in time for Christmas last year…

 and then made some for my younger sister….

and then made these for my oldest sister….

 and Christmas Eve I finished the last set for my twin sister.  (I was in such a rush I forgot to photograph them!)  They were so much fun to make!  I used the Thimble Blossoms “Merry” pattern by Camille Roskelley.  I love all of her patterns, they are so easy to follow with tons of pictures (I need the pictures).
I better get back to sucking down my root beer float.  But I will be back soon with another Christmas in July project.  Until then…try to stay cool!