Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So much fabric, so little time.

The last few weeks before school lets out for summer break are always so busy.  End of school picnics, pictures, fundraisers and parties.  I always tell myself once the kids are out of school I will have more time to sew….it always seems to slip my mind that once school is out, school is ACTUALLY out.  And the kids are home allllll day, everyday.  I love having more time to spend with them, but getting sewing done while they are home can be really difficult!  I usually end up with two little cuties in my sewing room pulling my straight pins out of the pincushion and pushing them back in (over and over and over).  It is a little distracting when you are just waiting for one of them (or both) to get a poke.  I usually (accidently) let a heavy sigh slip out and shut my machine off….WAAAHHH!  But can you imagine a cuter distraction than this??

Or how about this?

Darling, right?!   The little boy up there is my son, Cohen.  He turned 5 in March and is starting kindergarten this fall!  He is very excited!  The little girl is my daughter, Mara.  She turned 3 last week and starts preschool this fall, too.  You heard that right….come September I will have a whole 6 hours a week totally by myself!  6 hours!!  l have 6 hours a week, by myself, to quilt!  Wahoo!
In the mean time I wanted to share a project with you I finished last Christmas.  This is ‘The Hood’ Christmas Tree Skirt, the pattern was written by Brioni Greenberg.  I found her wonderful pattern in the 2010 Fat Quarterly Holiday Edition.

It was a great pattern, super easy to follow and lots of pictures.  I made the tree skirt to match my Christmas stockings and they look great together!  I am so excited to get them out again this Christmas, but I am more excited for back to school in September!  :)  Hope you are enjoying your summer too!

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  1. I LOVE this pattern and would love to make it but the pattern is no longer available. Any chance you would share yours? Happy to pay for it.

    1. Hello! Unfortunately, I don’t have this pattern anymore, sorry I can’t help!