Monday, May 20, 2013

A Teacher Appreciation Gift - Scrappy Log Cabin Tote Bag

I can't seem to come to grips with today being May 20th.  How did that happen?!  My sweet little boy is going to be done with Kindergarten in 10 very short days.  This year has been so great for him, but challenging at the same time.  He has had the most AMAZING kindergarten teacher and I can hardly bare the thought of saying good-bye to her.  But alas, this year will end whether I am ready for it to or not.  There is no gift that would ever be enough to thank her for her kindness and compassion these last few months.

That being said, she is a quilter and I thought what would be better for her than something scrappy, quilted and handmade!

My son, Cohen, helped me dig through my scraps for the colorful log cabins and we fussy cut some adorable   teacher-ish fabrics for the centers.  I have never made a tote bag before and this tutorial by Maureen at , was so easy to follow!  I cut some 2.5 inch center squares and 1.5 inch strips for the log cabins.  Then I just put 2 inch strips in between and made a border to equal how large the front panel was supposed to be.  Super easy!

I hope his teacher likes it!  And I hope I can hold it together these last few weeks of school!  Mommy is getting teary-eyed just thinking about it....


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Preschool Fundraiser - More Pillow Pockets!

This Friday my daughters preschool is having their annual Barbecue.   It is lots of fun, the kids just love it!  There is face painting, a jumpy castle, balloon animals, TONS of cupcakes and, of course, a silent auction.  The pillows are my contribution!  I stuffed the Pillow Pockets with a flashlight, easy reader book and a stuffed animal to snuggle.  All things any 3 year old would love!  

Last year I made these pillows for the auction and they did so well that they asked me to make them again.  They are fun to make and super easy, you can find the pattern here.  It is a fantastic pattern by Nova at

These are the ones I made for my kids a few years ago and they still love them!  Here's to hoping they do well again this year and raise lots of money for the school!

Have a great week!